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Adventure and Passion; and not being too serious. That is the philosophy that Craft Company lives and is run by. Craft Company is on the search for hidden treasures; hidden treasures that make for an unforgettable evening, that set you back in time and into forgotten places, that let you dream. Now what hidden treasures are we talking about? – We are talking about our fascination for the contemporary art of our brew masters, our vintners, our distillers or our roasters. Easy to say that establishing Craft Company was an act of following our heart and passion. Our focus will be the wonderful array of US Craft Beers.  But we don’t just want to share these hidden treasures with you, we want to start a movement; a movement of modern-day art! Adventure and passion – join us on our journey…



Craft Company is your personalized expert for the brewed, fermented, and distilled treasures of this world. Craft Company pursuits, imports, distributes, and educates. We are your contact for an unforgettable taste-experience.





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Craft Company

Lise-Meitner-Straße 30  | 40591 Duesseldorf |  Germany