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Appalachian Brewing Company was founded in 1997, with the original brewery and brewpub located in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. One of America’s largest brewpubs, this previously abandoned 100-year-old building was completely restored to create one of the most beautiful spaces in PA’s capital city. ABC now operates six restaurants, each complete with their own small-batch craft beer brewery, as well as a full-scale Appalachian Craft Soda manufacturing facility. Appalachian Brewing Company’s goal has always been to produce the highest quality food, beer and soda using the finest natural ingredients available.






You wonder how it all began? – Jack and Shawn had long considered opening a microbrewery and brewpub. However, one evening in the sizzling summer of 1994 (inspired by homebrews!) they made the decision to build a brewery; there was never a thought of turning back. They traveled nationally and internationally touring over 50 brewing operations. Beers would be craft-brewed and world-class using only the finest ingredients and traditional brewing methods. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, turned as the ideal site as the Harrisburg area had demonstrated a commitment to new business and economic growth. Furthermore, Jack and Shawn believed to be able to make a positive contribution to the city. When Jack met brewmaster Artie while skiing in Colorado, things really began to happen. Artie, a brewing expert and high-quality aficionado, has been with ABC ever since.

Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale

This every day, drinkable American style IPA is a favorite where it is served. Appalachian Brewing begins with a blend of CTZ, Zythos, Citra and Centennial hops, then finish with

a dry hop blend of “C” and Simcoe hops. This IPA can satisfy the “Hop Head” in many of us with its citrus fruit aromas, rich malt bill and golden copper hues.

Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale

An American style brown ale with shades of natural maple! Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale gets its deep amber color and smooth roasted caramel flavors from our unique blend of malts, while the addition of maple offers sweetness and aroma. Balanced with

ample hop bitterness, you’ll discover bold flavors in every direction!

Chocolate Avenue Stout

Chocolate Avenue Stout is the perfect blend of dry stout enhanced with sweet chocolate. The abundance of roasted barley and chocolate malt provide a deep dark color and rich robust flavor. The use of subtle hopping allows the chocolate and espresso flavors to shine.

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