The values - The philosophy

Craft Company strives to offer a unique array of products. - hidden treasures. Craft Company is looking for artists that feel the same passion for their work as we do for our work, artists who want to tell a story, not for fame and fortune, but in order to pass on the word of the creation of a unique masterpiece. And in order for a product to be considered a 'hidden treasure' it has to fulfill our requirements.

The Product

Passion and adventure are what fuel the Craft Company. It is those ideas that fuel our artists and partners as well; the pride in creating a unique and almost perfect product and masterpiece. Craft Company is always looking forward to those eccentrics experimenting with a rather unconventional approach in order show the world what our senses are really looking for. Why else do we sometimes have such a hard time deciding between genius and madness?

The Story

A good story could spark your interest, but a great story can fuel your fire; it can motivate you, guide you, and even leave you fighting for it. It is Craft Company's mission to help the brew masters, vintners, distillers of this world to share their story and their vision. What's the benefit you might ask. - Well, a cup full of adventures that we will never forget...

The Art

Craft Company talks about true craftsmanship. We are not interested in big enterprises and commercialized products. It is the hidden treasures that the we are looking for, those crafted with passion, maybe through knowledge passed on from generation to generation, but always crafted by the visionaries themselves. Nothing is left to fate.


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Craft Company

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