How its Done

As a company fueled by passion, Craft Company will provide you with an offering tailored to your needs. All of Craft Company's products are 'hand-picked.' And when it comes to working with you, we will follow that same philosophy. - personal, competent, passionate!

Treasure Hunt

Craft Company is constantly on the lookout for new, unconventional, and unknown Craft Beers in order to present to you new hidden treasures. A treasure packed with dedication, passion, hard work and stories that just need to be told.  

Import - Craft Company


We are in close contact with our logistics partners, we check all necessary customs regulations and make sure that the products obey by German and European law. In short, Craft Company will take care of all the import hassles you can think of.

Vertrieb - Craft Company


Using Craft Company as your distributor, you will be able to pick from a selective array of products second to none. As your partner we will be available to you at all times when it comes to reordering and supporting your storage optimization.   




Schulung - Craft Company


Craft Company is here to share its knowledge and passion with you, your employees, and with your guests. Craft Company will arrange fun and informative product classes to promote sales and product knowledge. In addition, we will guide you through your selection process and even assist you with a well-matched marketing strategy. 

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