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Craft Company

Adventure and Passion - Craft Company is your personalized expert for the brewed, fermented, and distilled treasures of this world. Ahead of all, we are talking about Craft Beer.


Craft Company has been an act of joy and passion; our adventure so to speak. We want to share our fascination of how our brewmasters, vintners, distillers, and roasters are able to turn raw materials into delicious treasures. We, first and foremost, want to spearhead the German Craft Beer Revolution.


Craft Your Soul

Craft Company is your treasure hunter, importer, distributor, and coach.


Craft Company is tirelessly pursuing new hidden treasures, imports and distributes them among selected restaurateurs and specialty beverage stores, and coaches your employees and those interested.


Craft Company is not just here to simply sell you the products. Craft Company will provide you with the tools to sell in an educated, professional, and passionate manner.

Craft Partners

In order to establish a partnership with Craft Company we are looking for true craftsmen and craftswomen who are fueled by passion and who fulfill our most important values.


Craft Beer. - Craft Company will focus on the East Coast treasures of the United States of America. States with a long history of true craftsmanship, like Pennsylvania and New York, will be our primary focus.


But stay tuned for more. Whether bourbon or pinot noir, our world has so much more to offer.  

Hopfen - Craft Company
Fasslagerung - Craft Company
Rebe - Craft Company


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Craft Company

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